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Family Resources

General Information

If your student is going to be out for the day, please call the attendance line at 503-492-6700 ext 3202 or email Holly Buck - Attendance secretary. If your student is going to be out more than 3 days, you can email your student’s teacher with a homework request via Cuando se deberia quedar mi estudiante en casa?

Safety Office 

Gresham Barlow Parent Right and Responsibilities Handbook
The student and Parent Rights and Responsibilities handbook serves as our District’s Code of Conduct for students. Each family is given this booklet at the start of the year and specific aspects of this information are discussed with the students at various times throughout the year. Please be sure to review this as well as discussing these expectations with your student(s). The handbook, and other policy information, are available on the District Policy Page.
School Lunch Information 
The Gresham Barlow School District contracts with SODEXO for food services and our breakfast and lunch program. Because we believe in healthy choices for students, SODEXO has worked with our District Wellness Committee, as well as adjusting menu options to comply with Federal Policy, in order to provide you students with quality meals. The links below will enable you to review our menu as well as accessing your student’s lunch account to deposit money for their use.

Check your students Grades and Assignments via ParentVue
ParentVUE will enable you to look at your student’s current grade as well as look at assignments scores detail. You can also access demographic information as well as grade information for all kids you may have enrolled in other schools within the district. This is a great way to track your student(s) work and to help foster conversations about your child’s grades and classroom performance.
Note: You will need to get an access key in order to activate your account. If you have not done this yet, please contact the office at 503-492-6700.

Immunization Requirements


Immunization Exemption Information

The State of Oregon requires schools to notify parents of their immunization rates for each required vaccine. These rates will be posted on our school’s website, in our school office, and sent home to parents. The rates attached are the exemption rates as of the February exclusion date - which is always the third Wednesday of that month. Schools are required to publish this information twice each school year. These rates will be posted within thirty days of the February exclusion date. The same information will be shared again during the first month of school next school year. Again, these rates are collected and tallied each February.

Información Actualizada sobre la Exención de Inmunizaciones

El estado de Oregón requiere que las escuelas notifiquen a los padres las tasas de vacunación para cada vacuna requerida. Estas tasas se publicarán en el sitio web de nuestra escuela, en la oficina de nuestra escuela y se enviarán a los padres. Las tasas adjuntas son las tasas de exención a partir de la fecha de exclusión de febrero, que es siempre el tercer miércoles de ese mes. Las escuelas deben publicar esta información dos veces cada año escolar. Estas tasas se publicarán dentro de los treinta días a partir de la fecha de exclusión de febrero. La misma información se compartirá nuevamente durante el primer mes de clases el próximo año escolar. Una vez más, estas tasas se obtienen y se contabilizan cada mes de febrero.

Информация об Освобождении от Вакцинации

Штат Орегон требует, чтобы школы уведомляли родителей о степени иммунизации каждой необходимой вакцины. Эта информация будет опубликована на веб-сайте нашей школы, в нашем школьном офисе и отправлена домой родителям. Прилагаемые данные являются данными освобождения на февральскую дату исключения, которая всегда является третьей средой этого месяца. Школы обязаны публиковать эту информацию дважды в течение каждого учебного года. Эти показатели будут опубликованы в течение тридцати дней с даты исключения в феврале. Эта же информация будет опубликована снова в течение первого месяца школы в следующем учебном году. Опять же, эти показатели собираются и подсчитываются каждый февраль.

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School Closure Information
To access all school closure information, snow routes for buses, and register for Flash Alert, please see the School Closure page under Parents at the top of this site.
School Closure - English
School Closure – Spanish
School Closure – Russian